Winter maybe here and the boat is laid up until next Spring but Sean is still working hard… here’s a shot of him making a new lobster pot…

Sean making a lobster pot

The art of making lobster pots hasn’t changed much in 100’s of years but the materials to make them have changed radically over the last thirty years.   When Sean first started making lobster pots he used hazels or briars before moving onto cane for the bows and side sticks however, the netting was made of synthetic twine as it is nowadays.  The base of the pots use to be made of hardwoods.

Modern day pots are now plastic covered steel frames but still braided up in the same old way.   These new pots are so expensive they need ‘protecting’ with old rope bound around the frame to protect the plastic coating… this can take up to two days per pot.

Sean's first lobster pot

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