Sean or should I say his boat are going to become ‘famous’…  Thomas’s bedroom too…  a film crew have been here in Staithes during May.


All My Sons/The Clara

They were filming a new BBC drama called ‘The Body Farm’ staring Tara FitzGerald and Keith Allen.  Episode three is the one to watch for if you want to see Staithes… it’s going to be shown on Tuesday 27th September at 9pm.

While not wanting to give to much of the story line away… there was a night shoot… in order to film this a very… very… large light was installed on the cliff top lighting the whole of the harbour…the village looked simple stunning…




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  1. We were at Staithes that week, and I was specifically looking for All My Sons as I have a fantastic painting of it and Seaton Rose on my dining room wall called “Two Tough Ladies” (Mark Sofilas). I recognised the boat but was confused to find it called The Clara.
    We are currently watching The Body Farm right now, and all is explained! Happy memories too, thanks for the half mackerel – much crab fishing was done by my son and his friend that day.
    All the best,

  2. The village and harbour looked fantastic. I will visit Staithes assoon as possible. please sendtourist information

  3. just watching the start of the episode now, with the look down into the harbour. ive only been to the lovely village once, but im sure i instantly recognised it. must have been the beauty of it 🙂 hopefully back soon