The Redshank was traditionally called the bad weather bird, so fishermen never liked to see them here in the harbour at Staithes, they considered them a bad omen.

The redshank is probable one of the noisiest waders we find in this country, with a plaintive tew-phew-phew.  More redshanks are to be found on the coast during the winter months as many are winter visitors from Iceland.  They breed in marshes and damp meadows in many parts of the UK but mainly in the north west of England & Scotland.

As it’s name suggests these birds are identified by their long orange-red legs and it’s beak is black/dark grey & orange/red, it’s flight is somewhat jerky, and when on the ground or shoreline bobs constantly, when feeding it’s normal to be found in small groups.

Redshank - in flight, non-breeding plumage


More details can be found on the RSPB website.

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