taken by John Pethullis
taken by John Pethullis


 Isn’t the picture above a wonderful photo of a peregrine…?  Taken by John Pethullis, thanks John for letting us share it here on our blog.

Peregrines (falco peregrius) are falcons, they are large powerful birds with long pointed wings, a slightly tapered tail. With rapid pigeon like flight but with shallower wing beats and long glides. They are to be found in wild open country, cliffs, mountains, moors and marshes.  Peregrines breed on steep cliffs, mountain crags and more recently on buildings, tall spires or ledges of towers.

So keep an eye out if you’re walking the foreshore here in Staithes over the next few weeks for pairs of peregrines going though their courting rituals, some very impressive flying…

Follow the life of 2 magnificent Peregrine (George & Mildred) in the heart of Sheffield.  Peregrine Cam


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