Fulmar - John Pethullis

The fulmars may have given up with this awful weather. They had started to pair up and stake their claims on their nesting sites, little caves, rocky ledges or under overhangs, but even they appear to have gone back to sea.  While, like all of us, waiting for this weather to break.

Fulmars, fulmarus glacialis, are to be found at sea except when breeding, they are actually related to the albatross. It nests in colonies sometimes numbering up to thousands of birds.  They defend their nests by spitting a foul-smelling oil at any intruders.

While you can see fulmars on the cliffs around Staithes, you can learn more about them at the RSPB site at Bempton Cliffs.  Another great photo by John Pethullis, thanks for sharing it with us John.

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