carrot soup

After a morning spent on the foreshore on one of our Coastal Craft or Ancient Paint Palette Day Courses look forward to a mug of home made vegetable soup with fresh crusty bread and Tricia’s special lobster and seaweed butters.

Carrot and Coriander will be next on the menu, in the style of Elizabeth David, using her method for making Potage Crécy (Carrot Soup)  from her book ‘French Provincial Cooking’.

After the carrots are scraped they are grated, coarsely, before adding them to the pan with the finely chopped onions, peeled and diced potatoes and melted butter.  Cover the pan and leave on a low heat until the grated carrot has almost become a purée but do watch that it doesn’t catch  on the pan bottom.  Then add the vegetable stock, if you have it or you simple add water.  Season with seasalt, pepper and sugar to taste.

You could add ground coriander seeds at this point or you could use fresh coriander leaves, they will both give the soup a little extra something.  If you plan to freeze your soup then wait until you defrost / reheat the soup to add the fresh coriander leaves as coriander is one of the few fresh herbs that doesn’t freeze well.

If you wanted to make this into a more substantial supper dish Crécy Soup is sometimes served with boiled rice on the side, diced sautéed potatoes would make a lovely alternative.

Another of our homemade soup recipes can be found here…


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