It’s not just us humans who get disorientated in this foggy weather we are experiencing here on the coastal edge of the North York Moors National Park, it’s the wild life too.  Sean’s just phoned from sea, he’s got lots of  goldcrests taking a rest on board his boat ‘All My Sons‘.  One of them is actually in the cabin with him.

Goldcrest, regulus regulus, are actually the smallest bird in the UK along with the firecrest.  Goldcrest - adult

The goldcrests are on their spring migration across the North Sea to the pine forests in Scandinavia where their summer breeding grounds are.  These tiny birds are a dull grey/green colour with a pale underside.  They have black and yellow strips on their heads, the males are nearer to orange.

The goldcrests tiny thin beaks mean they can find the food they like, spiders moth eggs and other insect food between the pine needles both on the forest floor and in the trees themselves.


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