If you are joining us for a day on the foreshore lots of layers of clothing are best, as this is the north east coast of England after all.

I did start off  with mittens as well, you can just see them peeping out of my pocket, but got to warm…:)

Both coat and jumper had hoods for when the wind got to much…

Wellington boots are far the best thing to wear on your feet as they give you the freedom to walk though the rock pools instead of trying to ‘jump’ over them, I usually miss and end up getting wet.

The only thing that I’m missing in the photo is a waterproof coat but as it wasn’t raining when I set out and I was only planning to be on the foreshore for a short time I didn’t bother…. but I would have taken one if I’d been planning a full day out.

More details about what to bring and wear on one of our day courses can be found here

To end with one of Sean’s regular sayings “…there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing…”

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