Mint, cucumber and fresh peas make a wonderful summer soup that can be served either hot or cold.  It could be served with fresh crusty bread and sea lettuce butter as a light lunch or supper dish but we will be serving it this Sunday 15th June 2014 as part of our three course lunch on one of our Day Courses.

Soften a chopped onion in butter until soft but not brown, add a peeled, seeded and chopped cucumber stir over a medium heat for a minute or two.  You could add a glass of white wine at this point if you wish.  Then add about a litre of vegetable stock together with the shelled fresh peas, a pinch of sugar, white pepper and fresh mint to taste.  Bring the soup up to the boil add a peeled and diced potatoe or two if they are small, then simmer partially covered until the potatoe is cooked.

Puree the mixture and or pass it through a sieve.  Return it to the rinsed saucepan and stir in cream, warm though and check the seasoning.  It’s usually at this point that our guests are encouraged to try a little dried edible seaweed as a healthier option than salt.

A swirl of cream and a couple of mint leaves make a lovely garnish for this soup whether you have chosen to serve it hot or cold.  Hope you enjoy it….

Another of our soup recipes can be found here


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