Tides are crucial to everything that we do here at Real Staithes, be it aboard our Charter Angling boat ‘All My Sons’ or a day on the foreshore hunting for fossils or foraging for your lunch.

You can listen to Sean talking to Kevin Rushby of The Guardian about tides here

We run our ‘low tide experience’ days on spring tides, these occur about every 14 days, so what this actually means is we can take you out onto the foreshore safely for one of three days every two weeks.

What are spring tides? we hear you ask..

Well it’s all to do with the gravitational pull of the moon & sun and the rotation of the earth. There’s a little more about the moon here…

The picture below is a downloadable poster from National Geography that explains it far easier that we can with words.

So, we’re very sorry if the dates we advertise don’t fit in with your holiday plans but there is really nothing we can do to change that.  Except maybe talk to us before you make any firm plans or book any accommodation and we will do our best to accommodate your needs during your holidays.

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