Best practice under COVID-19 restrictions.

All My Sons – Staithes

June 2020

  • General information while social distancing measures are still being advised, we have to limit the number of clients aboard All My Sons to a maximum of 6 in order to maintain the 2m social distance guidelines.
  • Meet at boat as per normal, adhering to social distance measures, at which point the skipper will give the normal safety brief which will now include COVID-19 protocols (see All My Sons COVID-19 risk assessment).
  • Access to the cabin for storage of personal items or seating will be denied. As clients we often bring far more than required. We urge everyone to consider lightening their load and create more space around the boat. Please ensure that any vulnerable equipment i.e. cameras & associated equipment, phones & other electronics are protected from the elements.
  • Boarding of the boat will be in the order displayed. Disembarking a reversal of embarkation
  • Each 2m Social distance area will be clearly marked on deck, gunwales and rails. Clients will be expected to respect these areas & not move around the boat.
  • Welfare facilities – access to the toilet will still be available in only extreme circumstances. Toilet facilities are cleaned & disinfected every evening as part of our normal routine, this practice will continue with added attention to ensuring all handrails and other exposed areas of possible contamination are correctly sanitised.
  • If a client uses the toilet facilities, they are requested to wipe down all surfaces after use with the toilet wipes and dispose of the wipe in the bag provided.
  • We have increased the number of rubbish bags aboard AMS & request they are used as per normal from your allocated position. We will then dispose of the rubbish at the end of the day.
  • Sea sickness – if a client is suffering from sea sickness they will be ‘rotated’ to the stern of the boat and downwind from other clients. Clients with extreme seasickness will be taken into the cabin to further isolate them & allow the skipper to monitor the client.
  • Face coverings – Clients & crew will be expected to wear face coverings while onboard the boat. While we do have a supply of washable face coverings, enough for 3 days of maximum 6 clients and crew we encourage our clients to bring their own. These are readily available for clients to use free of charge. At the end of the day, clients deposit their masks in our wash bag, and the masks will then be boil washed & dried in preparation for us to rotated between trips.
  • We have onboard a supply of handwash sanitiser, though we ask that clients bring their own supply of antibacterial handwash
  • In these times of a pandemic, we encourage all clients to come equipped with anything they feel comfortable and safe with gloves, masks, visors, hand sanitiser etc.
  • Rods & reels use – our rods and reels are available for any clients that wish to use them. It is our intention to wash down and sanitise each rod and reel after use & rotated between trips
  • Lifejackets will be sanitised & rotated between trips.
  • General & Deep Cleaning we will expect everyone aboard to help with the cleaning of fishing related mess in their allocated area. This will then give us a working platform for a deep clean once everyone has left. Once anglers have disembarked, we will clean the whole of the deck & gunwale areas with disinfectant and sanitising products in preparation for the next day.
  • Price structure – everything stays the same. We are happy to receive cash payment, you are encouraged to have the correct amount.
  • Travel wherever possible, it is advisable to travel direct to us with no stops (public amenities, breakfast stops, comfort breaks etc). Clients should travel alone unless they are traveling with a member of their own household Refueling at petrol station should be planned for quieter times to reduce exposure to others, please remember that many places will remain closed or have strict social distancing measures in place. Clients are requested to consider these points when preparing their journey to us. The public toilets are open on Staithes seafront. May we politely request that clients arriving in the village respect both the village & local population and observe social distancing at all times.
  • Emergencies while aboard All My Sons, including but not limited to, health of clients / crew, problem with the boat and circumstances beyond the control of the skipper will be conducted as per the safety briefing & normal maritime safety regulations.
  • Responsibility as a business we continue to maintain all required licenses & insurance to operate within the law and MCA Code Of Practice. Our Duty of Care at sea remains unchanged and we strive as ever to offer an enjoyable and safe time afloat During the COVID19 pandemic we are all ultimately responsible for our actions and ensuring the safety of ourselves and all around us. Please be thoughtful and considerate to everyone you meet aboard All My Sons.