Mackerel – catch – cook – consume

Started in 2013, a fish trip with a difference, come and learnboxes-of-mackerel

  • how to catch mackerel
  • how to clean mackerel – Sean’s way
  • how to cook  & smoke mackerel
  • then eat it for your supper

All this aboard Sean’s boat ‘All My Sons’.

First, Sean will show you how to catch your mackerel on the reef top not far from Staithes harbour, we’ll provide all the rods & tackle you’ll need.  Then back into Staithes harbour where Tricia will join the boat and while Sean will be demonstrating how to clean & prepare the mackerel for cooking, Tricia will be getting every thing ready to show you how to barbecue  and smoke your mackerel.   Then with some fresh crusty  bread and salad you will be able to enjoy your mackerel,  as it should be, caught, cooked and consumed all within an hour or so.

bbq-mackerel-amsThe trip will last for approximately three to four hours depending on mackerel location / abundance, we’ll provide all the equipment you need to catch and cook the mackerel, as well as fresh crusty bread and salad, plates and knives and forks etc.

However, you will need to bring any beverages you may wish to consume..!

You will also need to be dressed warmly, it is always a few degrees colder at sea than on land, so layers are a good idea as well as waterproofs, but you may need sunscreen too it’s surprising how easy it is to catch the sun, as well as mackerel, while on a boat.

Cost is £35.00 per person.

The boat ‘All My Sons’ is licensed and insured to carry passengers.

Saturday 25th June –  Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  4 places remaining

Tuesday 5th July  –   Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip   –  4 places remaining

Thursday 7th July  –   Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  sorry this trip is fully booked

Thursday 21st July  –   Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  sorry this trip is fully booked

Monday 25th July  –   Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  8 places available

Monday 8th August  –  Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  8 places available

Monday 22nd August  –  Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  8 places available

Sunday 4th September  –  Mackerel -Catch – Cook – Consume Trip  –  8 places available

To book please call Sean on 01947 – 840278

These courses may also be arranged to suit you and the tides.

Please note:  Our Mackerel – Catch – Cook – Consume Courses are weather dependant. 


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“School holiday ideas: fun days out at the seaside

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Try to catch your own fish supper’

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