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The story of our boat

Sean started fishing, full-time, out of Staithes in 1973.  He was crew on the coble ‘Embrace’ for two years.

The first ‘All My Sons’ was then built by W. Clarkson of Whitby, which he fished, with his brother Iain for the next eight years.

Come and unleash your wild side here in Yorkshire

Our Family




The boys



ship's log

Turtle Doves

Pair of Turtle Doves in North Yorkshire – photo above © Richard Bennett  While the photo to the right may show Sean in his ‘natural habitat’ Staithes isn’t, unfortunately, ideal habitat for turtle doves,  but this hasn’t stopped us in our search for them.  We have managed to track down some of the wonderful Turtle Dove beer…. The turtle dove is our smallest European dove, some of which fly great distances to reach Yorkshire from…

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Accredited Wildlife Safe Operator…

Sean & Tricia completed a WiSe Course on Saturday 20th March 2021, thank you to Bex Lynam of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for arranging it. Thank you to Colin Speedie for leading the training, Colin is the founder and Director of the WiSe Scheme, you can read a little more about Colin here and more about the WiSe scheme below… “… The WiSe Scheme is about watching marine wildlife the wildlife-safe way. Our aim is to promote responsible…

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“…The trip was a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime…”

Sunday 6th September, we had a lovely group of clients, Sarah Wills shared all the photos in this post with us, thanks Sarah. She also had the following to say about the trip… “….Thank you so much for the wonderful whale watching tour yesterday. It was one of the most respectful tours we’ve been on. The ability to just turn off the engine and drift meant we were truly immersed in their world. The experience…

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