The last couple of days have been spent watching kittiwakes collecting nesting materials from the foreshore here in Staithes.  At one point the kittiwakes were even taking material from a herring gull’s nest,  while the herring gull put up a fight the kittiwakes continued to pinch it’s nest.   A quick count of  nests on the end of Cowbar Nab show that the colony has nearly doubled from last year…  114 nests so far this year. […]

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48 hours in pictures…

early morning on Tuesday 14th May 2013 about an hour before sunset on Tuesday 14th May 2013 this  shows the rock fall on the end of Cowbar Nab & the Kittiwake Colony can you see the face on the corner of Cowbar Nab..? looking over Staithes Harbour about an hour before sunset on Tuesday 14th May 2013 early morning on Wednesday 15th May 2013 what a change…! evening on Wednesday 15th May 2013, while the […]

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The Kittiwakes have arrived in Staithes…

  The first Kittiwakes, rissa tridactyla, arrived in Staithes yesterday, 29th March a little later this year,  they arrived on 20th March in 2011 and 16th March in 2012.  Their normal habitat is usually well out to sea, they only come ashore to breed.  Kittiwakes have a very distinctive voice, ‘kitti-wake’ or kala-week’ making the colonies very noisy places indeed. Kittiwakes breed in colonies on narrow rock ledges of steep cliffs, making the end of […]

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