minke whales

“…The trip was a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime…”

Sunday 6th September, we had a lovely group of clients, Sarah Wills shared all the photos in this post with us, thanks Sarah. She also had the following to say about the trip… “….Thank you so much for the wonderful whale watching tour yesterday. It was one of the most respectful tours we’ve been on. The ability to just turn off the engine and drift meant we were truly immersed in their world. The experience […]

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Lots & lots of activity at sea this morning…

Summer has finally settled into it’s normal pattern, thank goodness,  not only can we see it in the grass verges along the road side and in the hedges, fields and woodlands but out at sea as well.  Sean’s first phone call was to tell me about the Minke Whales Balaenoptera acutorostrata that he and today’s fishing party are watching. Minke Whales travel great distances from their breeding & calving grounds in the tropics to their […]

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