Discover all there is to know about Limpets or Flithers…

Flithers is the local vernacular for limpets, the common limpet, patella vulgata, is to be found in abundance here in Staithes.  The limpets design, it’s streamline shape and very powerful clinging foot, is idea in allowing it to survive the pounding of the waves.  The limpets ability to cling on is legendary, how many of us remember as children trying to dislodge these shells from the rocks when we wanted to use them as bait […]

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Hermit Crab

Two homeless hermit crabs, paguroidea.   Hermit crabs don’t actually have shells, so they use shells that heve been abandoned by their previous owners.   This is why when rock pooling anywhere on the British coast you will find hermit crabs living in winkle or whelk shells. There is one hermit crab, called ‘Harry’ living in a shell made of lego,  he lives in Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire.  You can read more about Harry on the Guardain’s […]

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